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Life Under Lockdown

This is the eighth day Ireland has been officially under full lockdown. We are still permitted to leave home to buy groceries, attend medical appointments, and go outdoors for brief exercise as long as we stay within 2 km of home. Social distancing must be practiced in public, and the few grocery shops which have… Continue reading Life Under Lockdown

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Cocooning on Mothering Sunday

Mother's Day is observed twice each spring at our house. It's celebrated in March for Irish families, which is when my children give gifts and spoil me. In May I honor my bonus mother in America and remember my biological mother (who passed away in 2017). This year I didn't get to see my oldest… Continue reading Cocooning on Mothering Sunday


Lockdown, A Poem on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day 2020 won't be remembered for the parades, the green beer, or revelry. It will be remembered as the year we celebrated at home in self isolation. I will remember it as my 23rd anniversary on this island. I arrived on March 17th, and it marked the beginning of my new life. I… Continue reading Lockdown, A Poem on St. Patrick’s Day

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One Lonely Shopper in a Deserted City

It might seem a strange time to replace my car, since travel restrictions may soon be in place as Ireland prepares for a potential lockdown, but my car has been in the garage for several months, and I need another seven seater. My mechanic made clear that it's more expensive to fix my old car… Continue reading One Lonely Shopper in a Deserted City

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Covid-19 Comes to County Cork

Are you prepared? Rumours have circulated all week, but the first case was confirmed in our small town yesterday. Yes, this is another post about the dreaded C word. It's on everyone's mind so there's no point pretending it isn't. Ireland still has relatively low numbers compared to other countries, but there is already community… Continue reading Covid-19 Comes to County Cork