Choose one word which you would like to embody during 2020 as a sort of theme for the year. How would you like to see this word manifest in your life?

Create is my word for 2020.

Over the last few months I’ve devoted more time to my creativity and it has brought me a lot of satisfaction. It started with writing. I reclaimed this space after neglecting my blog for over two years. Somehow I also reconnected with my enjoyment of knitting, inspired by other bloggers and their projects. Now that I’m using my hands again, I feel inspired to finish a small sewing project I abandoned the summer before last.

Creativity is like a spark: feed it and the flame grows. The more I do, the more inspired I feel to do more. Over the coming year, I hope to finish more craft projects, but I’d also like to channel my creativity into practical skills such as baking. This week I’m planning to make my own natural leaven for a sourdough bread starter. Years ago, before I started working part-time, I baked our bread. It’s a great activity to do with young children and I’d like to start doing it again. I love cooking and hope to improve my gardening skills in the spring. I didn’t grow up tending a vegetable garden, but it’s a rewarding endeavor.

This evening I finished making our fourth boys’ hat. I’m happy with the result. Although I’ve stuck with the same simple pattern, the stripy yarn makes it a little more interesting to suit his personality. I think he’ll love it. I only have the girls’ hats to do now. With 24 days until Christmas I’m confident I’ll have them finished in time.

If you’d like to join me this month in responding to the #Manifest end of year prompts, please click here. Don’t forget to leave your link in the comment section of the prompt page so others can find you. Thanks for stopping by!

Photo Credit: Karly Santiago

5 thoughts on “Day One #Manifest20: Create

  1. My compliments to you, Robin, on doing so much beautiful creative work and enjoying it. Thanks for telling us about it. I started today on your December Writing Challenge. I hope I can keep it up. I’ll do whatever I can. 🙂
    Sincerely, Uta

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    1. Thanks, Uta. I think it’s important to make time to “play” and do what we enjoy as adults. I have a tendency to focus on work (both paid and at home) and find it sometimes difficult to give myself permission to switch off or slow down. I am trying to be more balanced.

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    2. Uta, there’s no pressure to respond every day and your posts can be short. Some people might respond with a few words in the form of a poem. Or a photograph. Whatever you like. Have fun being creative! Thanks for participating.😊


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