Welcome to a-day-in-the-life… I wear various hats: Mom, Cook, Calorie Cruncher and Nature Lover all rolled into one! On a typical day my bestie might drop in for a cup of tea and long chat. I try to read, write, or craft in any spare time. My partner and I also like to binge watch Netflix series when we can. Check out my photos to catch a glimpse of scenes from my life in West Cork.

Mother of Four

If I’m lucky I’ll have a cup of coffee in peace when I wake up. This happens like once a week. Most of my time is consumed with rearing children. I do the usual mom things: feed them, bathe and dress the little one, take him to parent and toddler groups or the playground, read stories, listen to the teenagers offload school and friendship woes, give them lifts (I carpool every weekday afternoon), offer unsolicited advice, launder their clothes, nag, irritate and embarrass them without intending to. Most of all I love these four spirited people, though each one is a mystery to me. I may have given birth to them, and cheered them on every step of the way, but they are full of surprises!


I eat like there’s no tomorrow. Though I’m small in stature, I have a huge appetite. Food is one of my greatest pleasures. When I’m working in the evenings meals need to be simple. On Friday nights I like to make homemade pizzas because it’s something EVERYONE in my big, blended family will eat! (I have vegetarians, a pescatarian, a vegan and meat eaters to cater for this Christmas- yay). I cook nearly everyday and avoid processed foods. Homemade meals are time consuming but worth it.

Calorie Cruncher

On any given day I might jump, squat, push up, plié, twirl, twerk (yes, you read that right) or balance in arabesque, depending on which class I’m instructing. Basically I sweat for a living. Music is a big part of what I do. Each class has a different playlist which keeps me on my toes. I have every song (and the coordinating movements) memorized. I’m qualified to teach Piloxing, Strut Freak Out Fitness, Zumba (including almost all of the specialty classes), and Strong (HIIT) classes.

I work in a variety of settings such as community halls, schools, hotels, and at organizations like CoAction or Rehabcare throughout the year. I’ve worked with every age group and various levels of ability. In 2020 I look forward to teaching my first seated Zumba Gold classes for people in wheelchairs. Music and dance have something to offer to EVERYONE.

I’m grateful to have a job where I connect with people and help create a joyful experience for them. There are the obvious physical benefits, but the stress release and positive mindset that result from exercising can’t be underestimated. That’s why I named my business Blissfit in 2019. It encapsulates what I’m offering my clients: a chance to feel happy while getting fit!

Nature Lover

I am blessed to live on the Wild Atlantic Way and have a view of the sea from my home. These photos were taken on walks nearby. Honestly we don’t have a lot of amenities in rural Ireland, but we do have an abundance of natural beauty. According to a recent UN report, Ireland has the third highest quality of life in the world (after Norway and Switzerland), based on education, health, and income. Germany was close behind. Compare that to the UK and US taking 15th and 16th places. Check out the 2019 Human Development Index to see how your country fared.

Sometimes I’m bored by small town life- I’m not going to lie- but I can’t ignore how beautiful it is here. I wish the weather was better (like everyone else in the country), although the constant rain probably keeps Ireland from becoming overpopulated. Regularly getting out into nature, regardless of the season, does wonders for the soul! Looking for the beauty in every day moments makes the mundane feel special to me.

How would you describe your average day?

Prompt Day 11 of #Manifest20: Describe a typical day-in-the-life. Share some photos and give details about an average day. How do you make even the mundane feel special?

6 thoughts on “Just Another Day- #Manifest20

  1. Thank you for sharing! Life is lived in the ordinary moments 🙂 I’m so happy that you’ve found work you love and it’s flourishing for you. I was a personal trainer when my kids were young. There is something so gratifying about teaching others how to move their bodies. So ironic that my body is trying to stop moving lol! Ah, always a lesson to be learned.
    You have a beautiful life 🙂 I agree, our children are little mysteries. They are such miracles.

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    1. We seem to have so much in common! I’ll eventually have to slow down too, which is one of the reasons I trained in Thai Yoga Massage. I can use my body weight to apply pressure so I’m not straining or using my own strength. It feels gentle on my body and in a way it’s like another form of dance. Are you able to swim or is all type of movement painful right now? I’d crack up if I couldn’t exercise!

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      1. Yes we do! I did swim over the summer in the lakes we live by. Jase and I found a used wet suit at a dive shop. The buoyancy it gives makes swimming so gentle. I clean homes for cash and work retail, so I’m always moving. I had to call out today, I can barely move. I had 7 hour houses on Tues and Wed and boy I’m paying for it.

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