Flabbergasted is my word for today. In 2019 I discovered that some people- including the President of the USA- will cling to their delusions no matter what. Facts? Who needs them! Corruption? Simply a matter of perspective! Democracy? Elections are rigged! (Unless my candidate wins. We’ll just ignore that minor issue of Russian interference).

Search Twitter and you will find all manner of amusing political commentary today. My favorite has to be the panicked rant of a certain someone. Did you hear that bellowing tweet? HE DID NOTHING WRONG!

Admittedly I am not religious, but today I will join the president in prayer. I will pray that democracy, decency, and common sense are restored. Do I have faith that Republicans will vote against their leader? No… Unfortunately I do not.

Still, I am hoping for a #MerryImpeachmas. The best gift of the season would be to see justice served. Today I’m glued to the live coverage as the House convenes to debate the historic vote. If you’re confused by the whole process, read What happens next in the impeachment of President Trump. What are your thoughts?

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Featured Photo Credit: Jeshoots

Today’s post is a response to the #Manifest20 prompt for Day 18: Discovery- Did you learn something new about the world in 2019? What was it?

2 thoughts on “#MerryImpeachmas, the Hashtag That Keeps Giving This Holiday Season

    1. It’s been a great week watching Trump get hammered. Christianity Today called him “a stacked deck of gross immorality and ethical incompetence” who should be removed from office. Let’s hope that affects his evangelical base and that the senate GOP are listening!

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