Recently I’ve seen this “tag” on other WordPress sites that I follow. I enjoyed reading Vee and Rebecca’s responses. No one has tagged me but I feel inspired to write a post anyway. I don’t know what all of the original categories were. It seems each blogger adapts the prompt a little to suit themselves, which I’ve also done. Feel free to join in the fun! I’d love to read your posts so feel free to share your blog links in the comment section.

5 things that have been getting me through quarantine:
  1. My sunroom- I designed our sunroom 15 years ago and it’s my favorite space. This time of year it’s tropical warm even when it’s chilly outside. Lately it has doubled up as my dance studio. This is where I host my online fitness classes.
  2. Alcohol- Prosecco, Malbec, and more…Mojitos up next.
  3. My journal- I started journaling when I was 10 and was religious about it until I became a mother. Now I dip in and out of writing in it. After years of neglect, I’ve prioritized making time to record my most personal thoughts.
  4. Books- Print, kindle, and audio… I’m juggling all 3 at the moment. (My Kobo is having a rest).
  5. Pajamas- I always claimed that I’d live in my pjs if I could. Currently I’m living the dream. (Yes, I have “day wear” pjs which look like sweats, as well as my “evening wear.” Add a cardigan and I almost look dressed).
5 ways I’ve coped with lockdown:
  1. Exercising- Recently my 15 year old daughter and I have started jogging together. This makes me so happy! We laugh, we sweat, we reward ourselves with takeout.
  2. Creating- Knitting, cooking, and writing calm me.
  3. Reading- I always love reading but it’s especially satisfying to “travel” with my mind while housebound.
  4. Chatting- FaceTime has been a lifesaver! Video chats with my family and friends in other countries have meant so much to me. Usually we’re too busy working and living in different time zones so it’s hard to catch up properly. The lockdown has provided an opportunity to truly reconnect. I’m really grateful and hope we make more of an effort when life goes back to normal.
  5. Tending others- Caring for my family, pets, and garden has brought joy to my life.
Today’s Flower Report
Our edibles are coming along: Fruit, herbs & vegetables
5 foods I love
  1. Eggs- They’re so versatile and nutritious.
  2. Local cheese– Gubeen, Durrus, and Milleens to name just a few of West Cork’s treasures!
  3. Homemade pizza
  4. Risotto
  5. Ice cream

Meet Dove (pictured right). She’s such a pet! I shouldn’t have favorites but there you go.

5 blogs that are worth checking out
  1. Expat Panda: a South African teacher’s adventures in & out of the global classroom. I enjoy reading about culture, race and identity as well as all of the other topics discussed on this fabulous blog.
  2. My Slice of Mexico: Mexican cuisine, culture, and history through the recipes and stories of an expatriate in Canada. Irene describes herself as, “Mexican born with Japanese background living in Canada who loves science, cooking and gardening.” I love reading posts from this fellow foodie, expatriate, gardener.
  3. The Tea Chest Blog: Tea and Travel- a great combo! Justine is a native of New Zealand and has set off with her partner on the adventure of a lifetime. They’ve bought a yacht in Turkey and will soon sail around the world. How exciting!
  4. Skylarity: paradigm shift, mindfulness, and personal empowerment. Josiah’s blog is inspiring and full of positivity. I always find his posts well written, insightful and uplifting.
  5. The Practice of Creativity: Michele Tracy Berger is an author, academic and creativity coach. She provides affirmations, prompts, and inspiration to writers. Check out her e-course: Chart Your Path to Publication NOW
5 artists & songs that I’ll always treasure:
  1. Nina Simone- Ain’t Got No, I’ve Got Life
  2. Sarah McLaghlan- Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
  3. Amy Winehouse- Cupid
  4. Etta James- Take It To The Limit
  5. Indigo Girls- Closer To Fine
5 things I struggle with
  1. Time management
  2. Housework
  3. Inner critic
  4. Parenting teenagers
  5. Budgeting
5 people I’d like to meet
  1. Misty Copeland
  2. Colin Kaepernick
  3. Michelle Obama
  4. Celeste Ng– Follow author @pronounced_ing on Twitter
  5. Beyoncé
5 of my dream travel destinations
  1. Costa Rica
  2. Ethiopia
  3. India
  4. Jamaica
  5. Cuba
5 books I’d recommend that I read over the last year
  1. Lanny by Max Porter
  2. The Dutch House and/ or Commonwealth by Ann Patchett
  3. Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams
  4. A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman
  5. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee
5 things that fascinate me
  1. Dreams
  2. Psychology
  3. The creative process
  4. Relationships
  5. Identity
5 things I want for this world
  1. Peace
  2. Equality
  3. Sustainability
  4. Tolerance
  5. Social democracy- Not to be confused with democratic socialism. Check out this timely essay Can Social Democrats Save the World (Again)?.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you’ve discovered something interesting or useful. I look forward to getting to know you better if you decide to create a “Top 5” post.

9 thoughts on “My Five Things

  1. That sun room looks gorgeous! If only I had a house that offered that amenity…Malbec is very bueno, and India has recently come up as a place of interest for me to visit some day. Hopefully, you’ll be able to go sooner than later! Thanks for the shout out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think every house should have a conservatory in Ireland because it rains so much here. The extra light really helps. We almost went to India last year but ended up going to Thailand instead. I’d love to train there to become a yoga teacher. Hopefully we’ll all be able to travel again before long! Thanks for stopping by.😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love learning about the things that have been keeping people well during quarantine!! I feel you about the alcohol!!!! Sales have been up more than ever!! Oooh I love your sun room. So cute! Exercising is great – glad that you’re still keeping it up. I love that we have technology now – makes it easier to keep connected!

    Nancy ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 😊 I am not exercising as much as I was before lockdown but I’m trying not to beat myself up over it. It’s hard to be consistently motivated with everything that’s going on. I think the trick is to be gentle with ourselves during this tough time. Thanks for stopping by, Nancy. Stay well ✨


  3. I am always loving this kind of post! They can tell so many about the person and make you feel, that you are not the only one crazy-pandemic-lockdown-alcoholic 😀 Just joking, of course! But I need to say, good wine or cocktail helps A LOT! Happily, I have a beautiful balcony where to enjoy my drinks, but your sun room is something very special and amazing! ♥ I fell in love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A whole summer sounds amazing! My partner was invited to work at a festival in Costa Rica this year but that was before Covid19 struck.😞How quickly things can change… Thanks for stopping by.


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