Recently water levels have been low as a result of the drought, so we were relieved when the rain returned on Saturday. While shopping for Father’s Day presents in town last weekend, I popped into the local yarn shop. The bad weather finally gave me an excuse to pick up my knitting needles and take a break from gardening!

There was a summer sale on Adriafil Stella Jacq so I snapped up 4 balls of superwash wool for a real bargain. I haven’t attempted a pullover sweater before and decided it’s a good time to take on the challenge. My shlanket is coming along but I wanted a project that requires a little more concentration.

The problem with rain in Ireland is that once it starts it may not stop! Last night we celebrated Blessing’s grandpa’s birthday standing around a massive bonfire while it lashed from the heavens. I was amazed that no one else seemed to notice how wet it was as they sang old Irish songs around the fire. Even with wellies and a coat I was a soggy mess by the end of the night.

After 4 days of nonstop rain I’d had enough. Thankfully this morning we woke up to blue skies and sunshine! I jumped at the chance to head to the beach and organised to meet friends there. We are lucky to have local spots to swim which aren’t too crowded, making social distancing easier. Our first trip to the beach, as we’re emerging from lockdown, seemed significant. It feels like life is slowly returning to normal.

We arrived before our friends so out came my knitting needles as Blessing played happily at the shore. I’m flying through the project. My goal was to have the jumper (sweater) finished by autumn, in time for the little man to start playschool. I’m enjoying it so much I may finish it by the end of this week! All in all we had a perfect, hyggelig day: sand castles, swimming in the sea, a picnic, and memories to treasure. ♥

He thinks he invented crisp (potato chip) sandwiches!

What craft projects are you working on? If you’d like to knit this Flax pullover, check out the free pattern here. Tin Can Knits provide easy to follow tutorials. Their projects are helping me to become a more confident knitter, and I’d recommend giving any of their patterns a try!

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5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Beach Knitting

  1. Oooh! It is great that you got back into knitting given the weather conditions. It is great that you got to go to the beach and relax all around. AWwwee! I love the invention of potato chip sandwich. Sounds delicious ;). Glad you enjoyed your time out!

    Nancy ✨

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  2. It looks like you had a lovely day at the beach! Your knitting is coming along well, I bet it will look lovely when it’s finished. I wish I could knit, my Gran tried to teach me when I was a child but I think I found it tricky because I’m primarily left handed xx

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    1. Thanks😊 I wonder if there are knitting tutorials for left handed people? We have 2 leftie sons in our family so I know what that’s like! YouTube is a great resource these days and has helped me progress a lot. Fingers crossed the beach weather returns!🤞🏽

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