I currently have 4 WIPs, although I intend to finish my shlanket tonight. (Find out more and get the link to the free pattern here.) I’ve saved this project for watching TV because it’s easy and relaxing. It’s been fun to knit because the colors are always changing. My little one loves it too and has asked me to share it with him. Blessing already likes snuggling on my lap underneath it even though it’s not completed yet. At the moment it smells like bonfire smoke from last weekend but I don’t mind. I think I will regularly bring it camping with us to keep warm on chilly nights.

Knitting is proving to be an expensive hobby! Not only have I started collecting beautiful yarn, but I’ve also discovered knitting accessories. (Today I received a delivery in the mail from Eve Chambers Textiles. I’ve highlighted this gorgeous, indie dyed yarn on my Instagram stories if you’d like to see it for yourself.) My project bag is getting old, so I wanted to replace it. One day I’d like to acquire a Joij & Co. handmade leather bag, but it’s out of my price range for now.

Instead I purchased an affordable, cute tote on Etsy from Denmark. It has a Japanese print and is perfect for holding a small project, such as the preschool size sweater I’m knitting Blessing. I was a little disappointed because I imagined it was bigger. Long needles won’t fit inside of it. However, my cable needles and small DPN fit. There are also pockets for my phone and a pen. On the opposite side there is a compartment large enough for a small notebook. My ancient copy of the Knitter’s Companion fits perfectly in it. Overall I’m happy with my new bag and think it will be useful when I want to bring small projects out and about.

For now I’m holding off on other accessories such as the leather needle case I’ve been eyeing. How do you organize your knitting materials? I have a proper sewing box for my sewing equipment, but I store all of my stitch holders, place markers, tapestry needles, row counters, pom pom maker, tape measure, etc. all squished together in a plastic sandwich bag. Now that I’m upping my skill level, maybe it’s time to find a better storage solution…

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20 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday- Almost Finished

    1. That’s a great idea. I like the personal touch. 😊 My sewing stuff is already well organized in a pretty box designed for that purpose, but I haven’t given my knitting materials the same treatment yet. With each project I’m collecting more needles and I don’t want to lose or damage them. Some are big and won’t easily fit in a lunch kit or anything I currently own.

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  1. Love that you are enjoying your craft. my mom has been a knitter all my life, tatting as well. My knitting skills are still basic. You creations are looking very colorful and cute.

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    1. Thanks 😊 You’re so lucky. No one else in my family knits or sews so I have to make it myself if I want something handmade. I’m slowly progressing and enjoy the challenge.


  2. I’m an avid knitter/crocheter, but SO disorganized!! I am trying my best to be a bit more tidy and organized, hopefully I’ll get there. Maybe I should also get myself a lovely knitting bag… 😉 Love the colours of your shlanket.

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    1. Ha ha I can relate! Organization does not come easily to me as I’m naturally a little chaotic. I do feel better when things are tidy and I can find whatever I need so it’s worth making the effort. I definitely think you should treat yourself to a project bag!

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    1. Thanks 😊 Well… I have found a way to waste lots of time online fantasising about spending ridiculous amounts of money on various project bags & equipment.😅Instagram has opened up a whole new world for me. Did you know “craftivism” is a thing? You can buy feminist knitting bags, “go vote” bags and just about everything you can imagine for all the right-on knitters out there… I just keep window shopping and waiting to win the lotto.😆

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      1. haha! I did not know about craftivism, I will have to look into all the possibilities! Archie has been making jewelry and selling it to save money for his top surgery next year. There has to be some bags out there for his stuff 🙂

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      2. We have 2 lefty sons in my family. A lefty friend (I have lots of them) lent me a book called Left-hand Turn Around the World (by David Wolman) in case it’s something you’re interested in reading. I’d love to learn calligraphy and once bought a set. I was beyond useless!! I bet you’re a natural despite the lefty challenge.

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      3. I will certainly check out that book! Out of my 4 boys my youngest eats with his left hand lol and that’s it. My eldest sister and I are lefties, our paternal grandfather was……it’s all so interesting

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      4. Did you know 7 out of the last 15 US president ms were left handed? Considering that only 1 in 10 people are lefties in the general population it’s pretty interesting! Lately we’ve noticed that our 3 year old is right side dominant but will color using both hands equally. I find it all fascinating…

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      5. Wow! I didn’t know that! I’m fascinated by it too, always have been. Funny story, Jases first 2 wives were lefties and on our first date when he found out I was a leftie he said “dates over, good bye” hahaha! I do a lot with both my right and left side. Love that your 3 year old colors with both sides. Will be interesting to see how he unfolds!

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