I don’t reblog often, but I had to share this story here because:

  1. I, too, love VW vans. My dream is to one day convert a VW Transporter.
  2. We share a love of books.
  3. I came close to moving back to Cincinnati where I planned to convert my B.F.A. in contemporary dance education so that I could teach English.
  4. When our local bookstore went up for sale in West Cork last year I thought seriously about taking on the venture.
  5. I’ve never considered a mobile bookstore but I think it’s a wonderful idea!
  6. It’s a happy coincidence that Melanie Moore’s mobile bookstore is located in the city where I was born and raised. The next time I visit my hometown, I will try to track her down.
  7. I think it’s awesome that the proceeds are going to such a worthy cause (promoting children’s literacy)!
  8. I love inspirational stories about people reinventing their lives.
  9. I think we all need a bit of good news, especially right now. Isn’t it inspiring to know that people like Melanie Moore are fulfilling their dreams while also helping others?
  10. At my house we’ve just completed our first week back to school! (More on that next time). This feels like a real Friday for the first time in many months. I’m looking forward to having some time to relax and read over the weekend. My book pile has expanded, and I can’t wait to dive into a new book over the next few days! I’m already a few chapters into Girl, Woman, Other. I’m also nearly halfway through So You Want to Talk About Race. I seem to flip between books depending on my mood…
Where to begin?🤔

What books are you reading this weekend? I hope your September is off to a great start and that you have a lovely weekend! Don’t forget to check out the original post by clicking the link below. ⬇️

I love old Volkswagen vans and I love bookstores and because it’s Friday I also love feel good stories (I also love hardworking local newspaper …

Good news Fridays: Area woman drives awesome book bus for the love of it.

4 thoughts on “Good news Fridays: Area woman drives awesome book bus for the love of it.

  1. I’m fangirling–that van looks awesome!
    I’m eagerly awaiting my Free Little Library in the mail right now. Got the post to assemble yesterday (but the rain hinders my efforts–want to stain and protect it before putting it in the ground and it’s too humid now). But yeah, I spent part of the morning reading books I was planning on putting in the box for the first set. Some of these books I’ve never read, others I haven’t read since I was a kid (reading “The Westing Game” right now).

    That looks like oodles of fun.

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