In January I wrote that I’d write more frequently on my blog, but that hasn’t happened. The post-Christmas lockdown has been intense due to the school closures! My daughter is now in the senior cycle, meaning she sits her leaving certificate exam next year. She’s in higher level classes which require a lot of studying. It has been a challenge to try to keep her motivated and engaged in online learning. Trying to keep my three year old quiet during school hours (9-4 pm) so she can concentrate has been very difficult. The weather is still cold and wet in Ireland, and the 5 km restriction hasn’t been lifted yet. That means I’ve had to be extra creative to keep us home, safe, and productive. In the evenings I crash and simply don’t have energy for blogging.

We’ve been in lockdown since October and the government recently announced that we will remain in Level 5 until May. I feel so sorry for local shops and restaurants that have been closed for months. Fortunately the schools will begin a staggered reopening soon. I was initially happy with the closures because it seemed necessary to bring the infection rates down. Now that the vaccines are being rolled out, I’m glad the kids can go back.

Blessing will return to preschool on Monday. His sister will go back on the 15th of March. I’m looking forward to the return to routine and the chance to have a little time to myself. Honestly, it will be great just to clean the house in peace. Since I cut TV time out completely, the little man has wanted my undivided attention every minute of the day! And he doesn’t stop talking… It’s very cute, and I love hanging out with him. However, I am an introvert and need quiet time too.

My goal is to have the sleeveless sweater ready for his return to preschool. It’s perfect for springtime. I cast on last Friday and completed the back today. It’s a simple pattern I can work on while he paints or plays beside me. I’m knitting with self-striping “Knitcol” by Adriafil (100% merino DK yarn) in colors that Blessing chose. I’m using grey “Regina” DK yarn (also by Adriafil) for the ribbing. It’s a size 4-5 years. The Sirdar pattern provides sizes from 0-6 months up to 6-7 years. You can find it here.

Last week I finally finished his big brother’s J W Anderson/ Harry Styles cardigan! It took a lot longer to complete than I expected. I altered it to make it smaller. In the end I had to add extra panels to the arms and body so it isn’t exactly like the original design. I’m happy with the outcome though. Mr. T loves it so that’s the main thing. It’s a relief to move on to a smaller project. I need a little breather before I start my next adult sized sweater, although the yarn has arrived and I LOVE it!!

Kits for this cardigan can be purchased here.

Crafting continues to be a pleasure during these especially slow Covid times. What are you working on these days or what’s giving you inspiration? I’d love to hear about what’s keeping you busy in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Boy’s Sleeveless Sweater

  1. Sounds like you’ve had your hands full! It is amazing that you still find the time to knit. 🙂 Love the colours on the sleeveless sweater – I find it amazing how these self striping yarns make a pattern of their own. Good luck with the rest of the lockdown! We are fortunately down to level 1 albeit an adjusted level 1! 🙂

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    1. Thank you!😊 I’m amazed by self-striping yarn too. How’s your son coping with the never ending Irish lockdown at this stage? Glad to hear things have improved for you in South Africa. It’s been intense but I count myself lucky. I can’t imagine if I were trying to work full-time from home, supervise homeschooling AND provide quality childcare for my youngest. My knitting usually gets done in the evenings or weekends. Slow but steady… 🧶

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      1. My poor boy is having a hard time of it lately…he is quite social, and he says this has just been going on too long now, he’s going a bit stir crazy… 😕 Yes, some people must have hectic days trying to fit everything in. Enjoy your quiet knitting evenings. 🌸

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      2. It really is going on for too long… especially with so many people recovered from Covid. It seems logical that some portion of society should reopen at this stage. I hope your son has a good friend in his bubble that he can spend time with. It’s unnatural to be alone for this amount of time.

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