It’s been a long week, but the end of isolation is in sight! Our PCR tests just came back negative so most of the family should be able to get back to normal from tomorrow. My daughter, however, is still bedridden from Covid. She doesn’t seem to be recovering and continues to have a bad headache.

It is a relief that her 4 year old brother can return to school. Ten days of being cooped up at home has tested everyone. I wanted to be productive and make the most out of our time, but I hit a slump. I lost all motivation to do anything except the basics… and even that was a challenge. Knitting was one of my coping strategies though. I also binge watched the first season of Motherland on Netflix. I needed something to cheer me up, and the sitcom made me laugh out loud at times. I wish there were more than two seasons.

I’ve also been listening to a light novel (free with my membership) on Audible called Mr. Darcy’s Daughters while I knit. If you’ve been around a while, you’ll already know that I enjoy anything Austen related, even spin-off contemporary novels. Having read Longbourn most recently, I find myself wondering about the servants’ perspectives in this latest book. Their lives were a bit more interesting- or at least relatable- to be honest.

So I’m on the homestretch! Tomorrow I’ll be free to go for coffee or a walk with a friend, do some housework in peace, or go exercise while the small boy is at preschool. I am also nearing the end of my project. I have one more colorway to add to my Find Your Fade Shawl. This is the most beautiful garment I’ve created. I’m looking forward to wrapping myself in every inch of this comfy wool.

If you’d like a better look, pop over to Instagram. I created a reel since we actually had sunshine today, a rarity in Ireland. The natural light shows the colors off more accurately. What is your Work In Progress this Wednesday?

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