Ireland recently entered its third lockdown. According to an article I read last autumn, we have some of the strictest restrictions in the world.

In fact, the study found that the measures imposed by NPHET and the Irish Government are tougher than any seen in the whole of Europe, Asia, Australia, America, Canada and the majority of Africa. 

Only six other nations out of 186 countries assessed in the research had more severe lockdown measures in place. Those countries were Eritrea, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Honduras and Argentina. 

Jack Beresford, The Irish Post

My family is restricting movements more than others because of our circumstances, but there’s no need to suffer from FOMO since the whole country has shut down again. The 5 km travel limit may soon be reduced to 2 km like last spring. Shops have closed except for essential retail. Schools were due to reopen this Wednesday, but it’s been delayed until January 11th because the nation’s daily Covid-19 cases have drastically risen in recent weeks. Our small town has made it into the newspapers several times over the last few days as our rate of infection spirals. It’s reported that there has been a 250% increase in one Cork area.

Thankfully things are stable at my house. Our patient has hit a plateau. No improvements yet, although symptoms are much like a cold at this stage so that’s a relief. Thankfully the rest of the family continues to be in good health. One of the hardest things (for me) is being separated except to deliver meals. It’s hard not to give hugs or offer any real comfort. Fortunately the patient is an introvert and seems to be savoring the space from everyone else.

I keep forgetting what day of the week it is without school, work, or any routine to anchor us. Time has taken on a dream-like quality and keeps slipping away without much being accomplished. I find myself looking out of the windows a lot, noticing subtle changes in the view. The decorations should come down on Wednesday, but I’m thinking about leaving them up longer this year because I love fairy lights.

It’s been cold with beautiful blue skies. The winter sun has cheered me up a bit even though I haven’t ventured outside for a walk. Yesterday Jack Frost paid a visit and left intricate patterns on the roof of the conservatory. Our 3 year old thinks he’s an actual person and wants to meet him. Blessing received a copy of Ollie’s Ski Trip for Christmas so that probably has something to do with it.

Isn’t the frost beautiful?

I ought to use the time to do a deep clean or something productive but I can’t motivate myself. Basic childcare, self-care (as in take a shower and brush my teeth), and essential housework are all that I’m managing to accomplish. Last night I wasted a couple of hours (and spent a significant amount of money) shopping for yarn online and planning my next project while my partner forced me to watch Alita Battle Angel with him. He loves sci-fi, drug cartel movies, and crime dramas… I don’t.

While Christy and Blessing did outdoor jobs earlier, I picked up my needles for the first time in 3 days. (I’ve been scrolling through Instagram looking at other people’s projects more than working on my own). When I need a little pick-me-up, I enjoy escaping into one of Jane Austen’s stories. Today I flipped on Pride and Prejudice (for the millionth time) and I swear it had a therapeutic affect. I only watched episode one but it did the trick. Or maybe it was the popcorn and cozy vibes…

The best thing to happen today was receiving letter in the mail from a loved one I haven’t heard from in a long time. It was a complete surprise! Christmas cards often arrive late since many of them come from America, especially this year with the postal delays. I was really happy to receive this one and will save it.

I’m so grateful for the love andsupport we’ve been given by family and friends. A delivery of groceries, a surprise quiche and bottle of wine from my favorite local cafe, and various phone calls or messages have been much appreciated. I hope I can pay it forward sometime in the future. If there’s anything positive to say about the experience of having Covid-19 in our household, it’s knowing that even though we’re isolated, we are not alone.

Grateful for kitten cuddles while I type too. ♡

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and well!

4 thoughts on “Isolation Day 4

  1. Difficult times but it is important to try. When they announced the third lockdown I thought it would be easier to me since I’ve been through this twice. But I’m finding more difficult and more painful this time. I’m struggling with my mental health but I keep trying to find a hobby or something to focus on.

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    1. Hi Adriana, I agree and have similar feelings. Last spring I had a lot of energy to tackle projects, cook, and enjoy my hobbies. Looking back, I think the beautiful weather had a lot to do with it. Now that it’s dark and cold it’s harder to stay positive. Also, the pandemic has gone on so long and doesn’t seem to be getting any better despite all of the measures taken so far. Most of us are tired at this stage and many are grief stricken, financially struggling, or dealing with all sorts of challenging situations. I miss working. I hope you find a hobby you enjoy to help combat the stress. Thanks for reaching out and leaving a thoughtful comment.❤️ Robin

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  2. South Africa had very hard lockdown right at the start, and we also moved back 2 levels again 10 days ago. It is not as bad as in Ireland – my son is having a very hard time over there. He is working (for the moment), but he is alone all the other time. He loves hanging out with friends, having a beer in the pub, etc., which is of course not allowed at the moment. This mom’s heart aches for her son in a new place all on his own…
    Good luck with your quarantine, hopefully things get closer to normal soon. 🙂

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    1. I’m sorry your son is finding it hard being alone over here. That really does sound difficult for both of you! I feel for the young people who are not able to develop and have the experiences we had at their age. Hopefully the vaccines will work and some sort of normality will return before long. I hope you’re not struggling with lockdown life in South Africa.


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